Why do we Have a Neighborhood Organization?

Represent and advance the interests of the community.

Keep interested residents informed of issues of importance through appropriate communications, meetings and social events.

Establish Standing and Ad-hoc committees, as needed, to research and make suggestions to the residents of matters of common concern.

Promote appropriate traffic control and safety of neighborhood streets.

Make information available to residents regarding available options relating to home ownership, zoning rights, etc.

Promote development and preservation of natural green spaces, parks, trees, landscaping and general use management.

Promote social interaction and communication among residents through periodic social activities and communications such as newsletter e-mails, or telephone.

Here Are a Few Past Issues That we Helped Resolve

Promoted annexation of the first 103 lots into the City of Prescott.

Discouraged the building of a facility at the Willow Creek entrance to Piñon Oaks Drive.

Discouraged development of a Go-Cart facility near the subdivision in Pioneer Park.

Here Are a Few Possible Future Benefits

Neighborhood and subdivision social functions.

Better communications among residents through the Piñon Oaks Folks website.

Promote mutual protection and safety through Block Watch.

Possible re-establishment of the Piñon Oaks Folks newsletter.

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