Steering Committee

Piñon Oaks Folks Steering Committee
Name Phone Position
Jim Campbell 928-237-4357 Firewise, Garage Sale, Embry Riddle Liason
Susan Drown 928-227-3720 Treasurer
Sandy Eubanks 928-515-3017 Annual Event/Meal
Rich Hall 928-277-8296 Firewise, Garage Sale, Safety
Nikki Krause 928-708-9295 Outreach, Administration, Founder
Joe & Marie Maresh 928-227-1459 Annual Event/Meal
Diane Muchmore 928-925-5113 Secretary, Real Estate
Pam Peters 928-777-8049 Administration
Jim & Linda Zimmerman 928-713-0542 Firewise, Database, Garage Sale, City Liason

We welcome any interested members of Piñon Oaks Folks to attend any of our meetings. Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month, every other month or as needed. Contact any of us or use the Contact Us page for details.

Our mailing address is: 1092 Pinon Oak Dr, Prescott, AZ 86305 or you may contact us at pinonoaksfolks@cableone.net

We welcome anyone who is interested in being a part of the Steering Committee or who simply wants to share a specific topic or suggestion.

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Financial Reports

2018 Financial Statement
2017 Financial Statement
2016 Financial Statement

Previous Financial Reports are available on our Archives page.

Other Documents

Final Approved Organizational Guidelines (July 2017)
Firewise Meeting - 6/22/2017 - initial

Steering Committee Member Meeting Minutes

5/14/2019 meeting minutes
3/12/2019 meeting minutes
11/6/2018 meeting minutes
9/11/2018 meeting minutes
7/10/2018 meeting minutes
5/8/2018 meeting minutes
11/14/2017 meeting minutes
9/12/2017 meeting minutes
7/11/2017 meeting minutes
5/9/2017 meeting minutes
1/10/2017 meeting minutes
9/13/2016 meeting minutes
7/17/2016 meeting minutes
5/10/2016 meeting minutes
3/8/2016 meeting minutes
1/12/2016 meeting minutes

Previous Steering Committee Member Meeting Minutes are available on our Archives page.

Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual meeting minutes
2017 Annual meeting minutes
2017 Annual meeting agenda

Previous Annual Meeting Minutes are available on our Archives page.

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