Welcome to the Home Page of the Piñon Oaks Folks

pinon oaks entrance signWe are a voluntary organization of residents and property owners in the Piñon Oaks sub-division of Prescott, Arizona.

We are located to the west of Willow Creek Road at the intersection of Pioneer Parkway on both the north and south sides of the Parkway.

The mission of Piñon Oaks Folks (POF) is to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life in this subdivision for the benefit of all who live or own property here. We are interested in matters such as responsible land use, environmental protection, advocacy, communication and social interaction among owners and residents.

Any owner or renter in the Piñon Oaks sub-division is eligible to join our organization. Please see the Membership Information section below for more details and how to become a member.

General Information


Periodic mailings with pertinent information will be emailed out to all residents for whom we have listings.

POF Steering Committee Meetings

Information about POF Steering Committee meetings may be found on the Notices page and issues or notices may be published there - check it out.

ERAU Events

ERAU (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) events will be posted when they are available.

Firewise Certification

firewise presentationFolks,

After a nearly two-year coordinated effort, Piñon Oaks received its official FIREWISE neighborhood certification. This photo was shot at a recent PAWUIC meeting. I wish that everyone on the Piñon Oaks Steering Committee could have been there to be included, but we can take another picture at a future Steering Committee meeting perhaps next to one of the posted FIREWISE signs to post on our website.

Speaking of our FIREWISE signs, we got 4 signs (2 for the North and 2 for the South Side) to put up at the entrances to our neighborhoods. After the PAWUIC meeting, Rich Hall and I drove over to the Prescott City Hall to obtain permission to mount these sighs on existing Prescott city sign supports.

We (myself, Jim Campbell, and Rich Hall) will try now to put together a grant proposal for this year funds to clear perimeter areas of the South Side. We'll review this at our next Steering Committee meeting.

Again, my thanks to everyone (especially Yavapai County Supervisor Brown, Past PAWUIC Chair Bob Betts, Chief Steve Lombardo, and AZ DFFN Dude Jake Guadinana) for their support to our neighborhood fire safety effort!

Jim Zimmerman Chair, POF Steering Committee

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Membership Information

Duessunset at pinon oaks

Dues are free this year. All you need to do to become a member is to submit your contact information using the button below. We will add you to our email list and you will begin to receive announcements and news from POF. Also, we promise to limit our emails and to NOT provide your information to other entities.

Membership Signup

Benefits of Membership

Here is what you will receive when you are a member:

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Picnics and More

pinon oaks picnic Here's a photo of a typical Piñon Oaks Folks social event because life is not just about dealing with different issues that arise. These picnics are held at various times and places throughout the year and are very popular with our members. This particular one was held at the Heritage Park Garden ramada and was very well-attended by Piñon Oaks Folks members.

For more pictures of one of our social get-togethers, please see our Photos page.

Why do we Have a Neighborhood Organization?

Represent and advance the interests of the community.

Keep interested residents informed of issues of importance through appropriate communications, meetings and social events.

Establish Standing and Ad-hoc committees, as needed, to research and make suggestions to the residents regarding matters of common concern.

Promote appropriate traffic control and safety of neighborhood streets.

Make information available to residents regarding available options relating to home ownership, zoning rights, etc.

Promote development and preservation of natural green spaces, parks, trees, landscaping and general use management.

Promote social interaction and communication among residents through periodic social activities and communications such as newsletters, e-mails, or telephone.

Here Are a Few Past Issues That we Helped Resolve

Promoted annexation of the first 103 lots into the City of Prescott.

Discouraged the building of a facility at the Willow Creek entrance to Piñon Oaks Drive.

Discouraged development of a Go-Cart facility near the subdivision in Pioneer Park.

Here Are a Few Possible Future Benefits

Neighborhood and subdivision social functions.

Better communications among residents through the Piñon Oaks Folks website.

Promote mutual protection and safety through Block Watch.

Possible re-establishment of the Piñon Oaks Folks newsletter.

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